About the GalleryArt and Program Board and Mission

The Mission of the City Art Gallery of Kalisz

The mission of the City Art Gallery in Kalisz is to initiate exhibitions and provide art education in order to bring contemporary art to a wider audience – to present the forerunners and classics of contemporary art as well as those artists who reflect the newest ideas, thoughts and concepts. We aim to offer contemporary art to an increasingly broader circle of viewers and also to venture out with it into the public space.

We would like to animate the intellectual and spiritual development of the local people in order to develop their creativity and stimulate both their aesthetic and ethical sensitivity. We would like to prepare the viewers to both receive and interpret art and to provoke discussion about it and the topics that inspire it.

We are open towards various forms of artistic expression and to a variety of  perhaps controversial topics. We are open to enchantment and emotion, to critique and even to the doubts of our public. We would like to answer their questions and pose new ones. Sometimes we may not have precise answers, as good art has the ability to defend itself.



*Organizing exhibitions, that is:

– the review of contemporary art classics

– the review and presentation of the best-known artists from Poland and abroad

– taking care to include the presence of live and multimedia art

*Education ,that is:

– lectures

– meetings with artists

– art seminars

– Gallery CINEMA – films about art, video art, projections of the documentation of live art

*Co-operation with multimedia art studios and festivals

*Co-operation with Polish and international artists

*Broad promotion of our activities

– in specialist media

– in local media

– in social media


We have cooperated with artists such as:

Beata Ewa Białecka, Marta Frej, Sławomir Pawszak, Pola Dwurnik (exhibitions),
Bartek Jarmoliński, Iwona Demko, Łukasz Trusewicz (exhibitions, workshops)
Dariusz Fodczuk (exhibion, workshops, video projection)
Przemysław Branas, Michał Knychaus, Irena Kalicka (Art full stop),
Karol Radziszewski (Art full stop, Moving Pieces Moving Pictures),
Izabella Gustowska, Gaweł Kownacki & Magdalena Kownacka, Małgorzata Goliszewska (Moving Pieces Moving Pictures),
Paweł Kwaśniewski, Irma Optimisti, Omar Ghayatt, Jeffery Byrd, Arti Grabowski, Kamil Guenatri (performance),
Jan Pieniążek, Dariusz Makaruk (multimedia installations),
Justyna Koeke, Justyna Górowska, Artur Gruba, Artur Żmijewski (workshops);

as well as critics and curators: Ewa Tatar, Iwo Zmyślony, Jakub Dąbrowski & Anna Demenko, Adam Mazur, Michał Suchora, Magdalena Ujma, Krzysztof Jurecki, Wojciech Szymański.